What Happens During a Tooth Cleaning

Oral hygiene is essential, not just for great looks, but for overall well being also. Poor oral cleanliness can guide to a range of dental & medical issues like gum disease, bone loss, infection, strokes, heart disease and more. Routine check ups & cleaning can prevent these issues and also offer you with great oral hygiene. below is a brief description of what happens during a regular tooth cleaning.

The regular tooth cleaning will also assist in the maintenance of a healthy-looking smile that is free from dental problems and gum disease. The gums and teeth are kept healthy-looking and clean, and embarrassing problems such as bad breath can be avoided, with the help of regular visits to the dentist.

What to Expect from a regular tooth cleaning
During regular visit to the dentist, the medical expert will examine the teeth for tartar deposits or plaque, and will also see if cavities are present. Removal of plaque buildup or tartar is crucial in making sure that gums and teeth are kept free from bacterial infections that tend to cause a host of dental problems. Tartar deposits and plaque cannot be removed by regular tooth brushing alone, and will require to be removed with regular tooth cleaning by dentist.

The gums will also be checked to ensure that they are free from any gum disease. A special tool can be used to measure the broadness of the spaces between the gums and teeth. Healthy gums are supposed to have small spaces, since bigger spaces or pockets signify the presence of gum disease. The appropriate treatment can be carried out after the gums are scanned for gum problems.

Additional diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or CT scans, may be taken by the dentist to further check the condition of the gums,jawbone and the teeth,. These diagnostic exams will help in determining the correct treatment for dental problems.

The dentist will also check the tongue, throat, neck, face, and whole head areas to look for any signs of abnormalities. Oral cancer screening is also an important part of the dental checkup, as early detection of mouth cancer will greatly increase the chances of a successful treatment.

Professional tooth cleaning will be done as part of the teeth checkup. Scaling will be done to remove tartar deposits and plaque that will not be removed by regular tooth brushing. The teeth will also be polished to remove surface stains and improve its appearance.

Teeth will be flossed to ensure that the spaces between the gum line and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned.
Good oral hygiene tips will be given by the hygienist or the dentist to give patients the right guidelines on how to take care of their gums,teeth, and whole oral health in proper manner.
Regular dental visits are essential because they help keep each tooth and gums healthy. You need to have a regular dental care visit at least every 6 months.This important not only for health teeth but also your general health as well.There is no reason whatsoever to avoid regular tooth cleaning.Do you wish you avoid spending less now or plan to spend more in future to get treatment for your teeth?

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